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reading the Word

reading the Word

The countdown has begun! Next week Joyce & I travel back “home” to Panama. So much has happened in the lives of our Kuna friends since we last saw them – the flooding and devastation, intense pressure on the believers to return to the traditional ways and forsake the Bible, a dear friend’s death, the Old Testament translation nearing completion! It will be so good to have time together to rejoice and grieve. Plus we have a lot of work to do!

The Kuna literacy program is ready for its final check and then printing. This means there are 6 primers, each with detailed daily lesson plans for the teachers, student writing practice, worksheets, extra reading practice booklets. Would you pray with us that God would multiply our time and allow us to complete all this checking and editing? Pray that this literacy program will be used by God that the Kuna people will be able to read and love God’s Word in their own language.

Please also pray that we will be an encouragement and blessing to our Kuna friends. We look so forward to hearing how God is faithfully working in their lives and churches.

The Kuna ladies sent a message to us that made us smile. They have lost the recipes that Joyce had given them for desserts, especially the banana bread and squash bread. They need these recipes as the churches in several of the villages have purchased little stoves and would like to make the goodies for activities as well as to sell to support their missionary outreaches. In the absence of measuring cups, the recipes were written using tomato paste cans as the standard measurement – something they all would have!

So as the Lord brings us to mind, please hold us up in prayer. There is a lot to do, but we can hardly wait!

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