What language do you speak in the cow?

That’s the question I asked as we were sitting with village leaders of a Vigue village. I meant to ask …

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Must Like Moving! May/June 2010

Wow! A lot is going on and I finally have internet again! We’ve been having internet problems. I just …

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NTM leadership asked me to consider a temporary need on a church planting team. There’s a couple and a single …

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Right now I’m almost done the training with New Tribes. I’m in my last semester in MO and have LOVED the training! It’s very practical and hands-on. When I graduate in May, I’ll go back to PA and if I can get my support raised by Jan, I want to go to French study. My two options are France or Quebec. If I don’t get the support I need, I’ll wait till the fall to go. I’ll be in French stuady about a year then head to Senegal where I want to work in a tribe!

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