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Camping Anyone?

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Friday, September 28th, 2012

This past weekend we were able to head a bit north for some extended family time. We stayed at Miller’s Family Campground with Jason’s dad, brother and sister-in-law. It rained on and off all weekend and it was quite cold, but we weren’t bothered by any of that. Thankfully we’d had the foresight to book two little cabins, which had cold running water, but best of all, they had wood stoves! We were toasty and dry all weekend! :) It did stop raining enough for us to enjoy some walks and a little trip into Tobermory. The girls were pretty disappointed that they couldn’t go swimming in Miller Lake, but they seemed to enjoy themselves despite that fact! :)

Here are a few pictures of the older girls (the youngest was napping at the time) taken by our wonderful sister-in-law:

You can see our little cabins in the background.

The view from our cabins.


Sisterly Love.


Even Lexi joined in the fun!


Bechtel Prayer Update for September 7th

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Friday, September 7th, 2012

Looking back

  • Thank you for praying for Angie as she began teaching Algebra II at the NTMC Academy. Her student is getting “A’s” on his quizes.
  • Thank you for praying for Delena. She has had two fantastic days at school. She is in a grade 1 and Senior Kindergarden split class (she is in SK this year).
  • Thank you for praying for T’Miika, Norm and myself as we learn how to work as a team. It is going really well.

Looking forward

  • Please continue to pray for Delena this school year, that she would have a positive influence on her class.
  • Please continue to pray for Angie as she balances her responsibilites in our home, teaching Algebra, church life, social life, etc.
  • Please pray that nothing shows up on Jason’s MRI in Toronto booked for the middle of October. His specialist there just wants to keep an eye on his Crohn’s Disease.
  • Please pray for Jason as he starts taking a weekly 3-hour class in Cambridge next Thursday. Check out for more info on the course.
  • The biggest thing to be praying for this week is Jason’s stress levels. He is helping oversee a conference for all the recruiters and representatives of NTM across Canada. They start arriving today, with most clearing out in a week’s time.

School is just around the corner, prayer update for August 10th

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Friday, August 10th, 2012

Can you believe it is already the 10th of August. The summer is flying by. The days are getting shorter. School is just around the corner!

Looking back

  • thanks for praying for me as I preached two Sundays ago.

Looking forward

  • Please be praying for all the students moving to the Missionary Training Centre in Durham in the coming weeks.
  • Please pray for Angie as she prepares to teach algebra 2 this fall at the NTMC Academy. I know, I married a smarty pants.
  • Please be praying for Delena’s upcoming year of Senior Kindergarden. She is still on the alternating day schedule.
  • Please be praying for me and my new team in Durham. For 2 years we have been praying for co-workers, and God is providing. This past winter Norm joined the team to help with web development, and we have a new Skilled Associate coming on board as a graphic designer the end of the month.

Thanks for praying! You are a vital part of our tribal church planting team!

184 attend VBS on first day, prayer needed

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Monday, July 9th, 2012

WOW! We are pumped. We had 144 children pre-registered for VBS, and 184 showed up for the first day. We are truly blessed, but at the same time needing your prayers — our enemy will not stand by idly. If you are led to pray while we are running, it is from 9:30-noon each morning, and our BBQ and evening program is Wednesday.

Know some kids in the Huron County area needing something to do this week? We have bus pick ups in a number of towns. Check out the church website to see what all the buzz is about.

The evening program being on Wednesday helps me out (not intentionally of course) as I confirmed today that my contractor is planning on framing and sheathing our new roof Thursday and Friday, and I will be out there shingling with whoever shows up Friday evening and Saturday. I appreciate your prayers for safety!

Surprise 70th Birthday Party

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

This past weekend was spent with Jason’s extended family on his Mom’s side.  His grandma turned 70 and what better excuse to get together!  We even managed to have it as a surprise, despite the fact that she knew that numerous relatives were in the area!  It was a very fun time together and the weather was perfect!

We took advantage of the trip down that way by making it an all day event — I spent the morning with my family making strawberry jam and Jason spent most of his day helping his brother Sean (and Erica) work on their new home in Wingham.  The girls and I went to the family gathering around noon and visited and went swimming with cousins.  Jason arrived on the scene around 4pm, so we could all eat the fabulous meal that was provided!

It was so good to see all the family and catch up with everyone — some whom we haven’t seen since our wedding 6 years ago!

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Jason with his grandparents (The birthday girl and her man)

Jason with his Great-Grandma (who is going on 97 years old, and still as sharp as a tack) and his cousin

Ottawa Wedding

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

This weekend we made a trip to Ottawa! One of my cousins was getting married and they asked Lorelei to be the flower girl. Delena was kind of disappointed that she didn’t get to do it, but since she’s done it twice before, it was time to share the wealth!

It was an outdoor wedding and blazing hot, but thankfully we were in a mostly shaded area, so no one fainted or anything! :)

After the rehearsal going smoothly the morning before, I wasn’t concerned at how the wedding would go. Lorelei had only met my cousin once before when she was a baby, so she didn’t remember her at all! Lorelei was happy to go with her and with the little ring bearer whom she hadn’t met before either! As Lorelei and the little boy walked across the grass, they started wandering off to the side in their own little world. We had to call them to walk down the actual aisle. I guess they were a little confused because there had been no chairs at the rehearsal and they COULD just wander wherever. Oh well, they did their job…they were cute! :)

We had a lot of fun leading up to the wedding as well because most of our clan all stayed at the same college residence, so we were able to meals together and spend time together. The girls especially enjoyed one particular cousin who came all the way from Switzerland!

The drive home took FOREVER! We left at 10:30 in the morning and didn’t get home until 10:30 at night! There was a LOT of traffic on the 401, so after inching along for awhile, we decided to take back roads. I’m glad we did that because, although it took longer, it was relatively stress-free! So we were beat when we got home, but it was worth it for the good weekend that was had!

Childcare at New Tribes Mission

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Sunday, April 15th, 2012

M and I in the nursery section

Much of my life is spent doing childcare. Okay, all of my life is childcare, but on Monday and Thursday mornings I spend half the morning looking after other people’s children at New Tribes Mission. I help look after the children of students who are training to be tribal church planters. It’s a fun time for me because I get out of the house and my kids LOVE it. Every morning Lorelei asks if we get to go to childcare and both her and Delna get extremely disappointed if we don’t end up going, usually because of sickness.

It’s a nice set-up — there are three rooms side by side so I have one of my children in each.  I’m normally in with the toddlers, but every-so-often I end up with the babies and last year I was 3 days a week with the pre-schoolers — so I’m fairly comfortable in any of the rooms.  It’s nice for the children too because when they have the same workers fairly consistently, it gives them a sense that all is right in the world.  I really enjoy getting to know the children and their parents through this ministry.  Definitely a highlight of the week!

Two Birthdays and an Easter

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Ok, so I guess we need to go back to the beginning of March for our family news. Delena turned 5 as I mentioned before. I also promised some pictures with the birthday party that was still to come. One month later, here they are! :)


Also since then, our baby turned one! Myelle had her first birthday on March 30. That same week, only a few days earlier, she decided that she was done with the whole crawling stage. She still will crawl every once in a while, but our little one-year-old walks all over the place. She really likes crawling up and down our stairs too and tries, desperately, to keep up with her older sisters. :)

She was the typical child as far as cake-eating goes and had it all over her face as the pictures show. What the pictures don’t show is all the neon-pink icing that is smeared into her nice white church stockings! You’d think I’d remember by the third child that I should remove all clothing for the cake event! Thankfully it all came out in the wash!
















The next thing on the calendar was Easter. This past weekend we had a four day weekend. Something unusual happened…we didn’t have ANYTHING planned for Friday OR Saturday! We had two days in a row with just our family. Okay, so there was ONE little thing planned –an Easter Egg hunt over at Delena’s school. We took the neighbour girl with us so I stuck with her and Delena while Jason had the two younger girls in a different section. They all came home with a basket of goodies, and, of course, they got to see the ‘Easter Bunny’.

The two days were cold, but sunny days, so we went for a family walk the one afternoon and played in the park and the next afternoon we drove up to Walter’s Falls and walked the trails there. We need that relaxing time as the next two days were filled with people. On Sunday we drove down to Jason’s mom’s place after church. We re-celebrated Delena and Myelle’s birthdays, as well as, a few other family members birthdays. There was LOTS of cake to be had, plus an Easter egg hunt which provided us with plenty of chocolate.

Monday was my family Easter which was turned into a surprise 40th birthday brunch for one of my cousins. We ended up having close to 30 people and my cousin was completely surprised. :) What a great way to end the weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Last night we had a Ladies Valentine’s Bingo Extravaganza at our church.  A friend and I organized it.  Don’t worry, we didn’t do any gambling.  There were lots of prizes to be won though, including the best red/pink outfit. :)  I must admit that I was nervous about being the ‘caller’, but once I got into it, I had a lot of fun with it. :)

Here are a few pictures of the evening:

The caller, aka, me!

One of the ladies shared her testimony.

We, of course, had lots of good food…

And good conversation!

2012 Milestones So Far

Posted by Jason and Angie Bechtel on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

One month down in the year 2012!  Wow!  I think it’s true that time goes by faster the older you get and I should know since I’ve just hit the milestone of turning 30! :)  Jason likes to remind me quite frequently that he’s younger than me, but I like to remind him to respect his elders! :)

Jason is still up in the air with his health.  He has a Dr.’s appointment on February 17, so please pray that we would get some direction from the doctor. In the meantime, we suspect that Jason has Crohn’s on top of the Celiac Disease, so we’re trying to limit his fibre and his stress.  He’s been doing very well at not opening his laptop at home to do office work and is taking time to read for enjoyment and I think it is helping some.

Delena recently brought home a certificate saying that she knows all her letters – upper and lower case.  The teacher has also started sending home little readers.  It’s so fun to see her recognize words!

Lorelei is at the age of potty-training.  She’s very consistent at telling me when she has to go, but she doesn’t like to tell anyone else if I’m not around, so we’re working on that!

Myelle is SO close to walking!  Just yesterday, she took her first steps!

Here she is on her way down – if you didn’t know better, you might think she knew how to dance already! :)