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The Poarch Page- May 2010

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James & Nicky Poarch, missionaries in West Borneo, Asia-Pacific, serving with New Tribes Mission

May 2010
Ephesians 2:10
“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God
prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

The family

The family

How do you feel when someone gives you something? Do you politely try to refuse the gift?

How do you respond when someone does an act of selfless kindness towards you? Do you feel awkward and undeserving? If you do, then you and I can identify with each other to some extent.
This year on home assignment, the Lord has been teaching me humbleness and to be someone who is ministered to instead of always being the person doing the ministering. In Asia-Pacific, James and I are involved mostly in the “doing” aspect, it has been a challenge being the “receivers” this year.
But boy, has it been refreshing. Through YOU we have been encouraged in our faith.
The easiest thing to do is to refuse an act of kindness or insist on doing it yourself, the harder thing to do is to let people. For instance, this past Sunday, our SS class decided that they wanted to pack, sell, and clean our house that we have been living in this past year. They will do all this after we leave for Asia-Pacific. This means A LOT less work for James and I before we leave. Talk about humbling. It would be easy just to say, “no, no, no I can do it” it’s much harder to let people serve you and allow it to happen. I am being humbled and through it all seeing Jesus in my life working all the more. Praise His Name!

June is Coming
James family was just visiting with us this past weekend. Saying good-byes is never fun.  However, the times we do have together become all the more precious. We had some precious times with them and our new niece, Shaddai.
Thank you for your continued prayers as we say good bye to our family in 5 weeks.
We continue to purchase and pack items too.  Everything is coming together and lists are being checked off.
Prayer Requests:
1. Stressless packing days
2. Good connections with
family & friends as we say
3. Ability to get all we need to get done…done!
God Bless! James & Nicky Poarch
(Emily, Luke, & Samantha)

Poarch Page March/April

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M A R C H – A P R I L  U P D A T E
Ellis IslandWe were able to sight see in NYC!
Visiting James’ grandparents in NH was the highlight of our trip.
We were thrilled to be able to spend time in Connellsville, PA with a wonderful supporting church!
We were able to visit NETwork Youth Ministries, which is a mission my parents started in Chambersburg, PA.
Our sending church in Chambersburg, PA, had Christmas for us.
Gifts were bought for us, & at the end of the missions celebration, we opened up our
gifts. We’ve never felt so loved & supported as we had that week at Open Door Church!
Thank you so much for praying for our travels. Our hearts were so
encouraged as we met with faithful supporters. We are so thankful to our
God for allowing our hearts to be revived in this way as we continue to
plan for our return to Asia-Pacific. Our plane tickets are bought to return
to Asia-Pacific in June.   623-466-5455
James Poarch 10001 W. Mountain View Rd. Sun City, AZ 85351

Ready to move in…

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Our co-workers are ready to move in

Right now, our co-workers are living in their new house.  They have moved out of our house (a good thing, since we are ready to move back to Asia-Pacific and move back into our own house).  There is still a lot of work to be done on their house, but it is livable.

Getting there!!

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The local men are very good builders when it comes to the “rough carpentry”.  They are the ones doing the work.

House building 14

House building 11

Our Co-workers are building!!

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Our German co-workers are currently living in our house and building their own house nearby. When we were there we were just able to start clearing the land at the location. The Da’an people are the main ones helping build the structure. After that, we missionaries will do all the electrical (solar electric), plumbing, and fine carpentry (cabinets, beds, etc.)

Here are some pictures of our co-workers, Markus & Lilly Sindel, and their residence building activities.

Poarch Page Jan 2010

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Happy New Year!

It has been wonderful to be able to spend Christmas and the New Year with family around. It was a something we will never take for granted.

Upcoming Travels
Feb 26-March 22 are the dates our family is flying out East to visit friends, churches, & loved ones in Center Barnstead, NH, Chambersburg, PA, and Connellsville, PA. We are excitedly looking forward to participating in a mission’s conference in Chambersburg as well. Please pray for our travels. We will also be taking our children out of school, please pray that we can keep on track with their school work we will be bringing along.

“Faith Unchallenged is a Faith Stifled”
I know this statement is true, but to be honest, I’ve often told the Lord “Ok, I think I’ve been stretched and challenged enough, how about working on someone else?”. On the contrary, this is exactly the type of “faith challenge” we should LONG for, desire, and seek after. But when this time of stretching comes, how do we react? I know I’m not good with my reactions (just ask my husband!); however, I AM learning to abide in such a way as to point out that the Lord is totally in control of every situation that touches my life. And since we were created to glorify Him, pruning is needed, branches need to be reshaped & broken off at times so that we can truly glorify Him in an honoring way. in each of our lives.

PRAISE REPORT (project update)
God has answered our prayers through YOU! Thank you for responding to the needs we have been communicating. Take a look at what has been happening:
Art Curriculum – RECEIVED
Science Curriculum – RECEIVED (just received in the mail last week!)
Handheld GPS – RECEIVED (just received in the mail last week)
Food List – RECEIVED
Monthly financial supporters – since that letter went out, we’ve RECEIVED 5 new supporters!

Plane Tickets – I just checked the price of tickets and will be $4500 to fly our family back to Asia-Pacific
Satellite Modem – This will enable us to communicate through e- mail while in the tribe. $1500

After His Glory,
James & Nicky Poarch
Along with Emily, Luke, & Samantha

Eating together as a (large) family

Eating together as a (large) family

Check out our new NTM video “AWAYO”

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Watch our new NTM video “AWAYO”. The Da’an people who we minister to doing Bible translation and Church Planting, are very similar in their beliefs to the Moi in this video.

The Poarch Page – October 2009

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MATTHEW 7:9-11
“Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a
stone? Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? If you then,
being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your
Father who is in heaven give what is good to those to ask him?”
We’re thankful to our Father who is always teaching us new things through His
Word. Recently, He has been challenging us in regards to our prayer life. At church,
the pastor is going through the Lord’s prayer, sentence by sentence. It’s been
wonderful & refreshing. It’s been challenging to think about the order in which Jesus
modeled in His own prayer: glory, kingdom, basics, forgiveness, and sin.

Kids in sports

Kids in sports

What Are We Doing?
This is the question we get the most since we’ve been on furlough. It’s
surprising that our days are filled daily. James is just returning from a 9 day trip
to North Carolina where he was able to share with supporting churches &
individuals. He also took a 9 hour drive down South to visit his mom who just
recently had a knee replacement. James just ended coaching Jr. High soccer.
Nicky has joined a Bible Study on Tuesdays. She is also the room mom in
Emily & Samantha’s class. She volunteers in Luke & Samantha’s class several
times a month as well.
Together we have joined a cell group that meets on Tuesday nights. Our
children are playing soccer, softball, & gymnastics. They are going to Awana
every week. Ok…it seems like we’ve become busy Americans :-) but for us
enjoying these activities is a joy & a privilege & something we were looking
forward to while on furlough. God has been refreshing us through relationships
& His Word! We praise HIM who is faithful in our lives!

The Joys of Home Assignment (Furlough)

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Everything in (or on)!

Everything in (or on)!

Over the summer, we traveled to a lot of interesting places.  Washington DC, the White House, the Creation Museum, the Grand Canyon, and many other exciting places.

Our kids have recently started school and are loving it!

Thank you for your loyal participation in our lives and in our ministry.

A Privilege to Work with the Da’an

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Da'an Team-April 2008

Da'an Team-April 2008


A Privilege to Work with the Da’an Tribe

The Da’an people have a history of being drunk, especially the men. They used to drink the strong rice wine together, then go home and beat their wives. This was their way of life. Were they happy? If you ask them today, they would say no! They lived under the control of the bottle. They also lived under the control of their animistic beliefs.
Before they did ANYTHING (even walk on a jungle path), certain rituals had to be done in order to appease the spirits.

After 20+ years of missionaries serving amongst the Da’an people, there is a small thriving church in two of the seven known Da’an villages. Words cannot describe the testament of God’s faithfulness that we see with these Da’an believers. Instead of being controlled by alcohol or by their animistic beliefs, they are living under God’s grace. They have true joy that comes from the fruit of the Spirit.

A year and a half ago, one of the Da’an believers came to one of the New Tribes Mission’s conference that was going on in our local town. At the end of the meetings, he stood up and asked the chairman of New Tribes Mission when they would be able to read God’s Word in their own language. Over the years, no Bible translation has been made into the Da’an language. The man who stood up was desperately wanting missionaries to come. He said they were ready and needed to have the Da’an Bible in order to reach out to neighboring Da’an villages.

Today, in God’s infinite timing, there is a team in the Da’an tribe learning the Da’an language. The goal is to translate the Bible. Nicky and I will be part of this translation team after our one year home assignment. We know it is a real privilege to be a small part of what God is doing amongst the Da’an people.

Our team is made up of a National family, a European family, and our family. It is a truly international team!

Incidentally…this is the same tribal group that my parents, Marvin and Mary Poarch, worked with for twenty years! Isn’t God good?

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