Heckman Prayer Points

We value YOUR part on our team. Your friendship and prayers mean so much to our ministry,
“We thank …

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Warm Season’s Greetings for the NEW YEAR

January 6, 2016
Dear Friends and family,
Thank you so much for the nice Christmas Greetings which many of you …

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Indecision, Timing, Trust, Action…Trust Each step of the way He has led us.

We are so pleased to share that on October 22, Hector (Our son-in-law) had his Green Card interview at …

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Where we are Serving Now NTM HOME OFFICES – SANFORD FLORIDA We are currently serving in the Personnel Department at NTM Home Offices. The Member Services office is a part of the Personnel Department.   We exist to serve our missionaries, enabling them to serve the Lord in Field ministries in an undistracted manner.   Member Services is responsible for many areas. Here is a brief sketch of what some of our responsibilities are.  MEMBER SERVICES We do a great deal of data entry, and keep the personnel files up to date. This includes both “on and off” field information such as address updates, family updates, and updating of missionaries’ ministry history. We send our missionaries who are on Home Assignment a packet of information and resources for their time home.  We contact them during their time home to make sure they are doing alright, and offer encouragement or resources to them. In order to serve our missionaries, whether on or off the field, we write letters of verification as needed for various things from Jury duty excuse to mortgage, education, or citizenship verifications.  Some of our responsibilities are to help our missionaries through transitions.  Coming into the mission family, leaving the mission family, adding new fmaily…

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