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Heckman News End of the Year! BIG news!!

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HECKMAN NEWS January 2015

HELLO FRIENDS! Happy New Year! We enjoyed our New Year celebration at George’s folks’ home in South Florida. Beka & Debby and their families were able to be with us, and we enjoyed sending up paper lanterns. (Thanks Beka!) It was a nice quieter version of fireworks!
The grandkids even had fun riding on Great Grandpa’s trike!

We are still praying for The Flores’ to have their Green card interview soon, so they can join us in Florida. The boys come for “Christmas in February” so that would be great timing!! They are supposed to hear when the interview is on January 11. We are praying it will be soon! Judah is beginning to walk now, and is such a grown up boy! He will be a big brother in 2015 too!

Tim has big news! He and his Charity are officially engaged now.
The wedding is to be May 9 in Wisconsin. Pray for them as many plans are in the works and Tim was just let go from one of his jobs. Thanks!

David and his girlfriend, Joice; and Tim and Charity come in February for a visit-right before Brett and Debby and family leave for Nicaragua. The Chapman’s will begin their Spanish study in the capital city upon arrival. They have had many blessings as they have been preparing for leaving. MUCH packing and sorting has been going on-and the doctor and dentist visits have begun!

Beka will be accompanying Debby and family as they go to Nicaragua to help them get set up! That was a surprise Christmas present from Beka and Cody!

We continue to be blessed and encouraged by the Lord and His provision and direction for our lives. We are encouraged to see our kids walking with Him, and seeking His will as well.

Thank you for the part you have in our ministries at NTM and with our church family here in Central Florida. Being here and serving HIM is better because you are on our team! We are so thankful for you!

Have a wonderful New Year, Walking with the Prince of Peace,

George and Linda Heckman
NTM US-Member Services

AUGUST went out with a Crash and SEPTEMBER came in with a BANG! September 2014 News from the Heckmans

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We send greetings from Florida, where the temperatures are dropping! YAY!  The cooler weather is very refreshing.

The end of August, we were travelling to Michigan with George’s parents (The best travelling buddies ever!) and at we stayed in West Virginia the second night of our trip.  At 4 a.m.(8-31-14) my phone rang and it was Tim.  He and Charity were on their way to “Grandma’s house” in Michigan for our little family reunion time, and he started by saying, “I swerved to miss a mailbox, and lost control, and hit a mailbox, and a tree.”  OH MY!  We are so thankful that both kids are ok, with minor bruises and a couple of cuts.  The car did its job and protected the kids.  The mailbox did not fare so well, and the tree is still standing!  They ended up being towed back to Charity’s folk’s house near Green Bay and then after a little sleep, went to the Manitowoc-Ludington ferry across Lake Michigan, and David picked them up on Sunday, and brought them up to the house.

Tim's car

Tim’s car

IMG_1633 IMG_1633
IMG_1666 IMG_1667IMG_1696

We had a lovely time with family (Debby & Brett and girls, Cody and Beka, Tim & Charity, and David were all there—we just missed Amy & Hector and Judah-but we skyped with them!)  and celebrated several birthdays that fall the first week of September (and David’s too, even though it is the 26th).  The lake was beautiful and the weather was nice.  September 4, we had a storm come through and the kids were down by the lake taking awesome pictures of lightening, when we told them they probably should come inside due to the thunder and lightening.  They came in and the wind picked up, and at one point we heard the “freight train” sound that is usually associated with a tornado.  The power was out, and we lit the candles and oil lamps and enjoyed a special time singing songs with David playing the guitar.  SO thankful for our family!  When the rain stopped and the wind died down we started looking around, out the windows and could see that several trees had blown down.  Come morning, we saw the extent of the damages!  WOW!!  5-7 very large trees, very near the house were down, and one was 6” from hitting the roof!!!  Smaller trees broke the fall of some of the bigger ones, and we were awed and very thankful, for God’s hand of protection.
So, George spent most of his birthday this year, cutting trees, and engineering with the kids on the best way to drop the leaning ones near tIMG_1666he house, to tIMG_1669he ground without hitting the house.  There were 4 large trees-Pine and Oak that needed to be dealt with right away.  We spent the day without power, our Jungle Camp training served us very well!  About 6:30 the power came on for 5 minutes, then we heard a “Crash, boom, pop!” and the power went out again.  A tree down on the electric line by my brother’s house broke the wire, and gone was our power.  That’s another story, on how we finally got power on again that same night.  (If you want to hear it, let me know. J)  Thus was our very EVENTFUL birthday week reunion!!  God is faithful and how we thank Him for his protection and provision!

We also thank Him for your part in our ministry.  We enjoy our work at the NTM Home Offices in Member services.  It is a privilege to serve the NTM family around the world.  (Romans 15:25 has encouraged me-“For Now I go to Jerusalem (Sanford) to serve the saints.”)  We will continue faithful to our FAITHFUL God, serving until He comes!

Have a beautiful Fall!  The leaves are turning in Michigan.  We enjoy a change of flora in Florida as the “season’s” kind of change”.  We are busy with Church activities, and preparing for a friend’s wedding.  George will officiate, and Linda is sewing for the bridal party, and catering the reception.

Thank you, again, for your care for us.  We appreciate your prayers and know God is protecting always.  He is good-all the time.  All the time, He is good!!  In His grace is our sufficiency for all our needs.

In His Grace,
George and Linda Heckman

NTM US Home Offices/Member Services


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We are busy on the Member Services Team at NTM. Lots going on. We have many folks heading to the field for the first time. Pray for the adjustment as they face new and sometimes unusual customs. The Grace of God is sufficient for all of the changes they (and we!) ever have to face.
We have several folks moving to retirement soon, this places them in a position of changes they probably never thought they would face. Lots of prayer is appreciated for the retirees, too.

We should be one of the first departments to move to the new “Towers” building for NTM. That may happen this fall as the carpet is being laid and a floor plan is soon to be allocated for our 4th floor offices. 
Yesterday we got news that one of our former co-workers from Training Center days, Monte, has Leukemia and Pneumonia! Please pray for this man. He is in his 50s and has served faithfully for almost 30 years. He has severe allergies as well. Thanks for holding his family up in prayer as well as he undergoes aggressive Chemotherapy.


Amy and Hector are trusting the Lord for the finances needed to continue the processing of Hector’s green card. They got news that the first step of the process is approved! Such good news!They need another $800 to continue the process. We are praying for
this provision, as we would love for them to join us at a family reunion in early September, in Michigan.

Debby and Brett are almost done with a 5 week cross-cultural missionary training course. They will be traveling again in Ohio and states of the East/Northeast. In the Fall they will head West to California and Oregon. They’ll join us at “Grandma’s lake” in Early September too! Chloe and Lily have been good little travelling troopers!

Beka and Cody had a nice concert a week ago at the NTM Homes facility. She gave a Chronological view of the life of Christ with her original songs. Such and encouraging evening! Her work has her in Air1-the Medi-vac helicopter in Volusia County and working in conjunction with the police as well. Lots of new things for her to learn and she appreciates prayer to enable her to do a good job. She is enjoying flying!

David Just got “Home” to Michigan from a cross country journey. He travelled to Seattle for a friend’s wedding and then back across the country again. Along the way he had a lot of “things” happen. You can read his blog on Facebook! He has some wonderful pictures there too! Thie one of him at Little America with the dinosaur is a classic! We always stopped at Little America Wyoming when we were travelling across the country! SO fun to see he carried on the tradition!  David will work in Michigan for about 6 weeks, then he plans to move to Wisconsin and work there.!

Tim has had a difficult summer with an injury at work and not really enough hours to help him store up some money for school this coming fall. Please pray for him to have wisdom and direction in what his next step should be. Thanks a million

We have been blessed with seeing God working and building lives at our church home here in Florida. Great to see God’s word taking root, and lives changing as folks realize the power of God that is available for them to live for Him. George has been teaching in Acts in the adult Sunday School. Linda continues in music ministry and updating the bulletin board! (Flashback to teaching days!)

The Summer has been racing by. I do not know how the weeks go so quickly. We pray that we will be wise in our work, and be an encouragement and a blessing to others.

We SO appreciate your faithful prayers on our behalf. Your friendship and partnership are such an encouragement to us.

Thanks for letting us hear from YOU too! It’s always good to know how to pray more intelligently for YOU!
Have a Great August!!

George and Linda Heckman

Another Day….

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As we close our day and begin our evening, George and I often take our old bread down to the lakeshore and feed a few fish, birds, and a growing number of turtles (and mosquitos!) in our lake. A few days of the last week we have spotted another visitor in our little lake. He at times slips his head up onto the lily pad and snatches, ever so quickly, a piece of bread. This little visitor could be up to about 5’ long and has a rather long nose. I think we actually have a little alligator in our lake! This was quite the surprise, although, if you are in Florida and have any water around, they say that it is a place for alligators to be. So now, do we quit feeding our group of turtles and fish? Ahh-what to do?!

On another front, in Mal……., Papua New Guinea. Our friends John and Christina, of whom we have previously written to you about; sent word to pray for the newly appointed elders and deacons of the growing church in their village.
“The elders from the ‘nearby’ Bis…. church are in the picture as well. These Bis…. men have committed to helping our new leaders grow in their ministries as well as in the task of discipling others. What an incredible blessing to have these brothers to ‘bridge the gap’ as we missionaries transition to an itinerant role.
There will be many challenges for these new leaders as they are tested. Pray that they will stay united, fully committed to the Truth. Pray for them in their marriages and as they lead their families. Pray that they will count the cost of following Jesus, putting aside the desires and temptations of this world for the treasures stored up for them in heaven.”
(If you want to see a picture of these men to remind you to pray for them, I’ll send one. )
This e-mail from John was really encouraging to us! We trust it will thrill your hearts too, as we watch the Spirit of God work in the lives of men to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard!

Thank you so much for the part you have had in our ministry and in the ministries we bring to you in our letters. We appreciate your prayers and your support. You have been such a blessing to us.
George and Linda Heckman
NTM 1000 East First St Sanford, FL 32771 HOME 2651 Hibiscus Court Deltona FL 32738

April May 2014

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Hello From the Heckmans in Sunny Florida!
We have had a busy month with visitors from Wisconsin and the Chapman family returning to Florida after 4 months on the road, representing their mission work to Nicaragua. It was so nice to see them.
The month of May will take us to Michigan to open up the vacation rental for the summer months. We are excited about spending some time there, s we love it, but also to be able to get some projects done! (George said my “love language” was WORK!) We have some flooring, landscaping, and other projects on the list. We are hoping some of our friends will be able to come and join us at one of our favorite places!
We will also include a trip to the NTBI in Wisconsin where Tim is a student. Their graduation in mid-May will “feature” some of our special friends and we will rejoice to be there and witness this milestone in their lives. David will be riding up with us, and we will enjoy his company.
George’s Sunday School class is going well. It is a joy to see the Lord intertwining the messages from the Sunday School Lessons, the music, and the church messages. The class is responding well and seems to be understanding the truths of the Word of God well. We are finishing up the Life of Christ and soon to begin Acts. Linda’s Choir Easter Presentation went well. 
We are praying for continued opportunity to share the gospel with our renters. Please pray for Jorge and Rosie and their 4 nice kids, that they would understand and accept Christ as their Savior. Thanks!
Going for now! Thank you so much for your prayers, interest, and support for our ministries. Please continue to hold up the leadership team in NTM as they are facing some difficult battles.
In Christ
George and Linda Heckman
Serving with Member Services, New Tribes Mission, Sanford Florida

Thank you!!!

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We appreciate your prayers for our ministry and our family!

March 11, 2014

Here is a “picture” of Tribal Church planting in 3 paragraphs! These missionaries are some of our former students, as they went through their missionary Training in Baker City when we were there (They trained in 1997). Jeff is an MK from Paraguay; he and Stacy (an MK from Asia Pacific) are serving in the Manxxx People group.

“The Manxxx church
Sano: “Jeffy, God’s Spirit has caused my wife and I to know that we should go and teach God’s word in another village. We just have a couple of problems. We need a way to get back and forth, we need food while we are there, and we need a place to stay. We are ready to go as soon as you can give us the answers to these few questions.”
Jeff: “Sano, that is great news! God is growing this church’s borders! I do not know how God plans to provide for these things but I know that He has given this work to His church. I think you should start by asking the church what they think about it. I know that I myself do not have the answers.”
(1 week later)
Sano: “Jeffy, I talked to the whole church and they want to send me! I have a ride to the new village and the village itself has offered us a place to live as well as food while we teach. We are going to be leaving in two weeks. Please pray for us.”

We continue serving here in Florida. Our NTM members around the world are reaching out, like Jeff and Stacy in Paraguay, with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise the Lord to be a part of this TEAM effort of reaching the unreached with God’s GOOD NEWS.

Thank you for standing with us. We appreciate your prayers, your support, and your friendship. We’d love to hear from you, and continue to hold YOU up in prayer as well!

Many Blessings,
George and Linda Heckman

Warm Greetings for February….WHAT!!!??? FEBRUARY?

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Keep on walking…

Hello!  Lately  I find myself dealing with a “full plate!”  I say, “Lord, I have taken ‘stuff’ off my plate, why is it still so full?!”  Not sure If I am slowing down, or the momentum of the world around me is speeding up more and more.  But, regardless of what is going on-we will keep going!  I have been listening to an old song by a gospel group lately that says, “Keep on walking, you don’t know how far you’ve come.  Keep on walking, for all you know you might be done; and the Father, may be standing up right now to give the call, and end it all, so keep on walking!”
This has been a good exhortation for my heart!

Happy New Year!  Wait, what?  The ground hog came out last week!?  Whoa!  Anybody else out there feeling these things, or is it just me? “Keep on walking!”  What a joy to walk with our wonderful Savior!   He promised to never leave us or forsake us!  We can walk with Him daily! J

We have finished the processing for 32 new members who will begin their walk in “partnership development” and then heading out to their fields of service.  That is very exciting!  Always good to have more people coming on the team to take the Gospel to the unreached!

We spent our “New Year’s holiday” with George’s family in South Florida.  It’s always great to have family time, and it is extra fun with the Grand-kids around.  The “boys” had a deep sea fishing adventure the first week of January.  They had varied reactions.  George decided he is a “landlubber”!

Amy and Hector are back in Mexico, and finishing up his application and paperwork for a green card. We are praying this will be granted in time for them to travel this summer and visit supporters before beginning the missionary training in Missouri.  Amy’s birthday is this month!  Judah is growing and beginning to wave.  So cute!  They all have been sick since returning to Mexico in January.

Debby and Brett and girls have been traveling since early January.  They are up in the COLD states, and Chloe and Lily have had their first experience with snow!  Debby has some cute pictures on Facebook, (if you ever get there!)  They will still be traveling for a couple more months, as they are connecting with churches to raise support so they can go to Nicaraugua.  Chloe has some more intense dental work ahead of her this month.  Please pray for her-she really does not like this at all! (3 visits during the time frame of February 10 to 20th).  Please pray for peace and calmness–for Debby and Chloe.

Beka and Cody are doing well.  Beka is still writing songs.  They both participated in the last concert that Beka did with brother, David too!  They have a couple more concerts coming up soon.  Cody still enjoys his job with the airplane mechanical “stuff” (sorry, I am not exactly sure what he is doing-but he is doing well).  They are praying about when they should go to Missionary Training;  August 2014 or August 2015.  Please pray for the Lord’s direction in their lives.

David is praying about what to do for work this summer.  It looks like the fishing in Alaska will be a short time-3 weeks, not 6.  He will continue shipping books for us, and working for NTM in their remodeling projects for the time being.  He has enjoyed singing and playing with Beka at her concerts, and they have a couple more concerts booked in February and March.  David is also leading music one Sunday a month at the church George and I attend.  He recently had an incident while biking and sprained his wrist.  He hasn’t been working at NTM this week due to that.

Tim is doing well in Waukesha.  He gets some time off work, so he is looking for another job, and sometimes has time for an extra “Green Letters” Bible Study.  Good teaching, there.  His job at Golden Corral is fine, but he would like to be able to save up some money for next year’s school bill, and other things that may come up.  We trust he is  learning a lot during his time at the Bible School.   His birthday is this month as well.  (How can he be turning 20?!)

George and I continue in Member Services, serving our NTM family any way we can.  We both answer the phone and write letters of verification of employment among other types of letters for our folks.  We help our folks as they work through the retirement process, and help them to comply with the NTM policies.  We encourage them to keep working as long as they would like, in fellowship with their leadership, just don’t work 40 hours a week!  Most folks retiring come back later and tell us that they don’t know how they had time to work before, because they are so busy now!  How thankful we are to be able to encourage our folks to take this step and trust God to show them how He will use them for the next chapter of their lives!  They, too, need to keep on walking closely to their Savior.

George and I also continue helping our NTM families who have lost a loved one.  It seems like we have several each month who have lost a loved one to death.  This isn’t such an encouraging job for us, but we are thankful to be able to be there and pray for our NTM family members when they walk through a time of loss.  Recently, one of our former students serving in Asia Pacific passed away leaving his wife and 3 kids.  Please pray for Nicky and her family as they walk through this tough time.  These are rough days.  We don’t always see how God is working right away, but trust that His ways are best for us.  We need to remember that we never walk alone!


Thank you, dear friends for your faithfulness to the Lord.  Your care for our lives, our family, and our ministries has been an encouragement to us as we have served the Lord for these almost 28 years in New Tribes Mission, and for the years before we came on the NTM team.  We thank the Lord for you and trust He will encourage all of our hearts as we continue to KEEP ON WALKING!!!

George and Linda Heckman

NTM US—Member Services Team
Sanford Florida

Happy New Year!

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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Greetings from Florida. We are having steep temperature fluctuations lately, not as severe cold as in the Northern areas of the US though! I love the cooler weather!

All the kids were home for Christmas and we had a wonderful, loud, happy time. Fun, games and lots of food! Also were able to go to Ft. Lauderdale to visit family for New Years.

Tim and his gal-friend Charity left January 12 and had quite a time traveling with ice and snow to get back to Wisconsin. They arrived at Charity’s house January 16 morning about 4:30 am. That was a LONG trip! Usually 24 hours, was extended quite a bit. He said he got stuck in the snow a few times too! Praise God for His protection! Once back in COLD Wisconsin, his battery decided to quit too! Ah the joys of being a college student! Thanks for your prayers for Tim!

Debby and Brett are off on a Partnership development trip. This started with a Missions Conference in Mobile Alabama, to present their future ministry in Grace Ministries International in Nicaragua. They will be traveling to many states and will be gone for a couple of months. Please pray for their safety and for good meetings with folks.

Amy, Hector , and cutie-pie Judah flew out January 8 and are safely home in Chihuahua, Mexico. Their next project is working on Hector’s green card application so they can move on to the training in Missouri-hopefully by August 2014.

Son, David is here and working for our home business as well as for NTM on the remodeling going on in the new building. Our department (Personnel) will be the first department to move into the new building. (Maybe this year?!).

** Good news from the Malaumanda tribe in PNG. Bob and Eric continue to make good progress in translation and continue to work with a group of men, equipping them as deacons. They are also assisting them in preparing for teaching Romans in January. Please continue to pray for continued spiritual growth for the church and for ongoing faithfulness of the believers. **

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our ministry as well. We continue to desire to be a blessing and encouragement to our members. Serving them so they can serve in the harvest fields of the earth. We are processing 32 new members on February. Pray for these folks as they move toward Partnership Development and the mission fields.

Thank you for your part in our lives. Your prayers and support for our ministry are greatly appreciated! We thank the Lord for you!

George & Linda Heckman
Member Services
New Tribes Mission

Thank you from the Heckmans

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Judah Gilbran Flores has arrived 9-15-2013


Next item on the Agenda: Beka & Cody’s Wedding


October Thanks from the Heckmans


We had a great trip to Mexico to be with Amy & Hector and little baby Judah.

He was a joy to get to know.  We had a nice visit with hector’s family and even had some time to catch up with former co-workers from Baker City days, Monte & Gail Miller. (Who have a new granddaughter now too!)

Great trip out and back, and safety , even going across the border and through the military checkpoints “all by our selves” on the way down to Chihuahua!

God is good!


October 26, 2013 at the NTM Home Offices, Beka will be come Mrs. Cody Burns, and we will be pretty close to having an empty nest!

Decorations are almost done.  Sewing of wedding clothes is almost done.  Small  last minute things are yet to be done. We  are praying for all to be done in a timely way, so we can enjoy the family and friends for the wedding day.

It is always fun to have family and friends around for a special occasion.

Beka and Cody plan to attend the Missionary Training Center in August 2014, as well, and will be able to be near Amy & Hector! God is good!


Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for the missionaries we work with daily, as they go through transitions or have questions that need encouraging answers.

Pray for us to have wisdom in our work, and the many areas we operate in.

Pray for NTM leadership to have wisdom in their decisions.  The Executive Board is meeting this week for their quarterly meetings.

Pray that God will continue to provide for our needs.

Pray for Brett and Debby as they meet with the mission board they plan to serve with, in Central America, this coming week.

Pray for David to have clear direction for his life and ministry for the Lord.

Pray for Tim as he works 3 jobs, and studies at the NTBI in Wisconsin.


Serving at the NTM Home Offices-Personnel Department  in Sanford Florida

Hello From the Heckman’s

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It’s what happens when major changes are happening in everyone’s lives in your family!
I think that is a good definition of a “Good Shake Up”.
Good, because the changes are all good changes are all good. But a “Shake Up” because it is pretty major changes happening in all of our lives
at the same time! WOW. God is Good!

His grace is sufficient and we are holding on for the ride”!

Amy and Hector spent 5 weeks here in Florida with us and 4 weeks in Oregon with supporting churches and friend there. When they return to Mexico Mid-August, they have about a month before Judah makes his voice heard! (He is due September 18. Please pray that we would be able to go and help out when Judah is born.) Their plans have been completely changed in the last 2 months and they are praying for direction for their next steps on HIS path. Please pray with them. They may be leaning toward Hector finishing his missionary training in Missouri next year. That would give them a year to adjust to their family situation, continue in their ministries in Mexico, and for Hector to get his green card. PRAY!
Debby and Brett and girls are looking for the Lord to
provide for their support to go with another mission
organization to Costa Rica where Brett would be involved in teaching the Bible to National people. Big changes for them, as they need to sell their house in Palm Bay, and raise the funds needed to go. Their target is to go in 2013 or early 2014. PRAY, PRAY!
Beka and Cody Burns plan to “tie the knot” October 26, 2013. Beka moves to Part Time employment with Volusia County EVAC on August 1, and that will be a big change for her as well. PRAY! On the “Up Side,” Cody was hired at the Orlando/Sanford Airport and is working in his field of training, and gaining experience. YAY!
David is finished with NTBI, and was home for a little over a month. He is presently in Michigan for a month or two, where he is being the caretaker for 2 rental properties in a place he knows and loves well! (We spent many a summer in Michigan at “Grandma’s house”, which is now a vacation rental, so we can keep it in our family.)
Tim is headed off to New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha,
Wisconsin. He has looked forward to going to school here
for many years. Pray for safety as we drive up and back with him, and
for Tim to find a good job to provide for his needs. We look forward to all the Lord will teach him there.

All of these family events are exciting for us. Leaves us with an empty nest by late Fall. (David may move in with some buddies instead of moving home, and Beka will leave in October). We are in the midst of a complete inventory management software change for our home business (bookstore). This means we are re-listing our 20,000+books we have for sale. This is a big job! We certainly appreciate your prayers! THANK YOU!!!

New Tribes Mission continues to reach out to the people with no chance of hearing the Gospel, unless someone takes the message. We enjoy assisting those on the front lines all around the world in support roles in the NTM family. Our jobs, like those of a government representative or resource person, are varied and meet needs for many folks. Letters of verification for missionaries sending their kids to college, and for folks coming home on Home Assignment and needing a verification of a US address, or applying for a driver’s license from overseas. This is a very small slice of our days in the Member Services offices.

Thank you for standing with us. For praying for us and encouraging us as we stay on task, and continue to seek the Lord as we serve Him each day. Thank you for your gift of friendship and prayer! We appreciate you!

In His Grace,

George and Linda Heckman

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