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How has the first month and a half of 2017 been for you?  We’d love to know how we can pray for you this year.  Drop us a line if you have a minute.

This month we consultants (Jennifer and our coworker Greg) got to give a stage 3 language evaluation.  Since our new families usually only spend their first year of language and culture study here before moving on to their future region of service, we normally only deal with stage 1 and 2 evaluations.  We have given a few other stage 3’s, but not very many.  So we needed to spend some extra time researching, looking at examples, and deciding which tasks to assign.  It was a really good learning experience for us, and we got to work closely with a young national lady who often helps our families with their language and culture study.  She shows a lot of aptitude to help with consulting jobs too.

The family who just had their stage 3 evaluations are also planning to finish stage 4 here before moving to another region where the husband will be flying airplanes to support missionaries in remote villages.  So we’ll get to give them their stage 4 evaluations (we’ve done even fewer of those) in May before they move.

Right now we only have 4 families and one single lady here studying.  One family and the single will be moving in March, another family in May, another possibly in the late summer or early fall, and the final family may be here for another year and a half or more.  You may remember that for most of the time we’ve been here we’ve had anywhere between 12 and 18 families here at a time, so this feels like quite a small group.  We are not sure yet if we will be getting more new families late this year or early next year.  Please join us in praying for the Lord to raise up more laborers for this part of His harvest field.

Today and tomorrow DJ is in school board meetings for the Christian school that our kids and our coworkers’ kids attend here.  Pray that the board will have clarity in everything they discuss and the decisions they make.

Thank you so much for praying for and supporting us.

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