Are We Chicken Croissants?

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Arielle learning how to carry our laundry basket on her head

I walked in a bakery and asked the lady behind the counter with my broken French, “Do you have chicken croissants?”  She looked at me with a VERY puzzled look and said, “You want chicken croissants?”  I said, “Yes.”  Upon returning home I repeated to Arielle what I told the confused bakery lady and Arielle said, “you asked her, ‘Are we chicken croissants?’”  No wonder why she looked awfully perplexed.  It is ok to laugh!  I can’t help but laugh at myself and what people must think when I try to talk with them.   Oh the joys and humility that comes with learning a new language.  Thankfully God has clearly communicated through his Word—the Bible.  Unlike me, God has not left us in bewilderment as to why we are chicken croissants.  It is our goal, to one day clearly communicate the truth in the Bible, as God clearly communicated it to us.

Del gave it a try too.

Ezra playing on the playground at the mission: one of his favorite places to go

Here is what Silas looked like all bandaged up. He is all better, except for one tiny scab on one of his fingers! Praise God!

Ezra on the roof checking out the flooding after the rains.

The flooded intersection. It can be dangerous because sometimes the covers to the man holes are removed for better drainage.



  1. Elizabeth Prieb  August 23, 2012

    Thanks for the updates! I’m putting something together for the Mission Minute for Sunday, so we’ll be praying specifically for you all!


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