Are You Going With Us To Senegal?

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A few months ago, we started the process with a church to see if God would have us partner together.  After a long process we found out they decided God was not leading them to be involved in what God is doing through us on a monthly basis.  The very next day, we heard from a different church that they wanted to support us substantially each month!  It was one of those moments where we were in total awe of God and how he works!  We write this blog with the back drop of knowing God is the one who guides and directs.

In March we leave for Senegal.  For those of you who like numbers–we are short 19% of our monthly support, which means presently we are at 81% of our recommended support for West Africa. We praise God for each one of you who are part of our team!  And, we still have a need for more people to join our financial team.  We come at this subject knowing God already has picked out who is going to be involved in our ministry and we trust God will provide.  (If we didn’t look at it that way, finding partners would be awkward, stressful, and self-focused!) So, if God has led or is leading you to be involved financially in our ministry, send us an email:

Silas already to go

OR You can also check out our give page.

A little background:  We are all called to be involved in the Great Commission; we just have different roles.  Your role as a prayer or financial partner is no less important than ours.  Our family depends on the support of people like you.  Actually, our role as the hands and feet of the body of Christ does not exist without you; we are a team.  In a sense, you can go to Africa with us by being on our team.


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