The Life of Elijah in our World Today

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From the moment I landed in Thailand till the moment I left I was surrounded by temples and idols. The temples stand out because they are big, beautifully colored and decorated buildings. Idols on stands housed by mini temples stood in front of shops and homes.

It was so heartbreaking to walk into temples and see people bowing down to a statue of a man who could not hear them or save them. The people aren’t motivated by a beautiful relationship and thankfulness of grace like we are. They are motivated by fear, fear of gods and fear of being turned into a lower form in their next life. They believe in reincarnation, but don’t have the cast system like other world religions have.

I taught my class through the life of Elijah. I hadn’t realized how perfect those lessons would be for the culture and country these children lived in, but as I started teaching them about King Ahab and the anger God had toward his worship of idols I started seeing God’s sovereignty in even little children’s Bible lessons. The children I taught were from ages 0-5, but they knew what idols were. They also knew who the living God was.

It was so refreshing to teach little children who knew so much about the Bible. I didn’t get to know their parents too well, but from what I saw in the children their parents were raising them to love and serve the true God and to be aware of what was happening around them. It is so important for children even at a young age to start getting grounded in the Word of God.

I don’t know where God is going to send me yet or what ministries He will have me involved in, but I so enjoyed getting the experience of Thai culture and being able to serve the missionaries there by watching their children so they could focus on their classes.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support making it possible for me to have a safe and wonderful trip to and from Thailand. Please keep praying for me as I prepare and save up money for the Missionary Training Centre in Canada. I still hope to go in August 2014 if it’s God’s will.

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  1. Darrin  January 15, 2014

    Thanks for sharing Katrina; that’s fascinating!