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Searching for a new job title

Posted by David Abbott on Jan 7th, 2014 in David Abbott, Ministry, Prayer Requests | 2 Comments »

Children who were helped through the recent typhoon relief project in the Philippines.

In the months following my heart attack and open heart surgery I’ve taken a lot of time contemplating how I got such serious heart disease and what I could do to prevent it worsening in the future. The greatest factor is probably heredity and it’s a little late to do anything about that.

Other significant factors that I can influence are diet, exercise and stress.

Since joining the New Tribes Mission USA’s Communication’s department in 2005 I’ve been collecting responsibilities under the general title of “content manager” for NTM.org until a couple years ago I counted over 15 jobs I was doing with several more being proposed.  While lying in a  hospital bed and a recliner for weeks I concluded that this was something that had to change.

In December I was able to meet with my Communications team to address what could be done to help me be more effective with less stress.  I was very encouraged to come away from that meeting with seven areas of responsibility, the main three being:

These are all areas I’ve been involved in from their beginning and they are having a high impact in helping people reach tribes and transform lives.

Praise God for the consensus of our team in allowing me to make these changes. Pray that I’ll be OK with letting go of many projects I’ve previously heavily invested in and will be more effective for God’s Kingdom through focusing on fewer tasks.

What job title do you think describes the tasks I’m doing?

2 Responses to “Searching for a new job title”

  1. Jerry Lehman says:


    Dave, your work is great and I certainly appreciate all you do to get the word out about the need for the Gospel in unreached areas. I can’t wait to work with you!

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