If you’re not online you don’t exist

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Our co-workers live in isolated villages among unreached people groups. We're helping them communicate effectively.

Helping missionaries communicate effectively has been one of our passions for over a decade. A co-worker conveyed recently his conversation with another missionary.  The missionary had remarked to the department leader that he was not aware of the department’s services anymore.  He said, “I looked online and could not find anything about you so I assumed your department no longer existed.”

Being online is the expectation of the world we live in and if you’re not online you don’t exist.

How does that work for missionaries who live among unreached people groups, isolated from the outside world for months at a time and living in developing countries for years at a time?  What happens to their support and prayer teams if they are not able to communicate effectively during that time?

It is ironic that, while David plays a vital role in connecting missionaries with their ministry partners, many churches do not consider David’s role in church planting important enough to support.  At the same time, those same churches use technology extensively and often hire or have staff to assist them.

New Tribes Mission has over 1,800 missionaries on overseas assignments working among over 300 unreached people groups.  If your church had over 1,800 employees working with over 300 outreaches, do you think there would need to be a support team to assist the church staff in communicating opportunities for involvement to church members?

Consider becoming a financial partner.

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  1. jebediah James  February 24, 2012

    Yesterday you commented on my blog, so I wanted to see who you were and I ended up here. You said in the opening line of this post that, “Helping missionaries communicate effectively has been one of our passions for over a decade” so I thought I’d try to employ your experience. We are new to the blogging world, as well as communicating with people about support so I could use any help I can get.

    If you have any thoughts on how I can communicate better through blogging, please let me know. Feel free to critique’, and drop me a line on what I can do to improve.


    • David Abbott  February 24, 2012

      Hi Jebediah,

      Yeah – taking a look at your blog it looks like you are doing a pretty good job of communicating, but you’re not using Categories or Tags so that a first time or return visitor can easily find posts of interest.

      Your blog could especially benefit from being able to sort posts on subjects like “missionary training,” “partnership,” “personal growth.” Choosing a theme with a right sidebar would allow you to show your tags or categories on every page.

      Because people do not surf the web anymore, you need a way to notify potential ministry partners when you make a post, and when you want to engage them without making a post.

      I would recommend http://www.mailchimp.com because it is free for your volume of use and you can ad a MailChimp subscription widget that lets people subscribe on your blog. It also has GREAT user tracking so you can see who is really interested in your ministry and who is not or needs another form of communication to reach them.

      One additional recommendation would be to add a “Partner” or “Give” page to your blog that explains exactly what your needs are and how to make a donation. Make sure on your About page that you clearly communicate your vision for what God has called you to do.

      Soli Deo gloria,