Miracle Happened; Four Hewa Women Freed

Praise God for a favorable outcome for Susana, Kontas, Mifila and Helen; their children and their grandchildren! Please pray for other villages and people groups in Papua New Guinea who have similar practices.

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Hewa Killings Planned; Pray For A Miracle

It was decided that four Hewa women are responsible for a recent measles outbreak. Now men are planning to kill these four women, their children and their grandchildren. Please pray!

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We’re Thankful For You

We’re so thankful for being co-workers with each one of you who make up our prayer and support team, and …

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David and Kristia’s passion is to give people of every tribe, kindred, tongue and nation the opportunity to know Jesus, be discipled and become a functioning member of the body of Christ.

That starts by being involved in making diciples as part of our local church and community.

We’re also part of the team of making diciples of all nations by encouraging God’s people through social media, email campaigns and blogs to find their fit in making diciples.

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