What an amazing God we serve!!

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“Among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is no one like you.” Jeremiah 10:7b

What an amazing God we serve! It is a joy to be involved in the work he is doing among the nations.

It has been a privilege in the last months as we continue to serve as your co-laborers here in the Island’s Region of Papua New Guinea. For this year, taking on the ministry of dorm parents at our support center has sure been a dramatic change for us, but it has been a blessing to be a part of the body in a new Making pizzaway. Two of the teen girls that are living with us at the mission center are from the Kunzer family serving in the province of New Ireland. For the first time in the history of the Patpatar people God’s truth is going forward. Butch Kunzer and his coworkers began the first outreach there last month teaching in Genesis and will continue on in the coming months until they are able to present the hope of the gospel. Praise God that we have the privilege of serving with them in this work as we care for two of their daughters, in the dorm. Here is one of the latest updates from the teaching going on among the Patpatar:
Butch had just finished teaching about Noah and the first rain. He had explained God’s patience and mercy toward mankind in waiting 120 years while Noah preached repentance and the impending flood. However mankind had refused to believe God’s message and believe in God Himself. They had continued on in their daily lives filled with self gratification and sin until the day God fulfilled His Word and wiped them from the face of the earth.
From the back of the group a man stood up and began to quietly address the group. This was the same man that had been opposed to us teaching in the village. "The people of Noah’s day were sinners," he began and started listing some of their sins. Then he continued, "The people here on New Ireland, we are just like the people of Noah’s day. We fight, we kill, we do bad things, and we don’t want to hear God’s message. It would be good if we all came to hear this teaching of God’s Word because we are just like those people of Noah’s day that drowned in the flood."

  • Please be praying for the outreach to the Patpatar people as they hear the truth of God’s Word for the first time in their own language.
  • Pray also for us as we care for the Kunzer girls when return to the dorm next week for their second term of the school year. They will be returning along with 4 other students to continue on with school after a two week break with their perspective families.
  • Pray for our family as we continue to minister together in the dorm on the mission center. It is a challenging and demanding ministry, but a joy to be involved in the young lives that God has brought our way.
  • Please continue to pray for the Ivanga ministry. Dave and our church planting consultant will be making a trip into the village at then end of October to help us plan effectively for the future of the ministry among the Ivanga. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading during this time.

Thanks for faithfully partnering with us in prayer. It is a continual encouragement.

Dave, Shirley and Family


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