An answer to prayer!

February 1, 2013
Dear Friends of Dan and Sarah Alkire,
Greetings in the matchless name of our Savior!
Thank …

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Update on Dan’s heart!

Last night Dan went back into the cardiologist to have another EKG done to see how his recovery was coming …

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So many things have been going through our minds lately, to many to sort out all at once. I think …

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How long have you known of God’s free gift of salvation? Are you like Dan and Sarah?  For them the message of salvation was passed down from generation to generation. They cannot remember a time when they did not know of God’s free gift. Maybe as a child you went to Sunday school with a friend. Maybe you found out about salvation through a youth program or a campus ministry program. Maybe you came to know the Lord through a co-worker. Maybe you got stuck in a delivery truck for hours on end with a “Jesus Nut” who could not keep to themselves the truth that was in them! However or whenever you got saved, you now know the truth. The two ladies in the picture live in a remote part of Mexico. They grew up far from church, Sunday school, youth outreach, or other programs. They have never been told about the chance for eternal life upon their deaths. They has never been told that they can escape an agonizing eternity in the fires of Hell because of what their Savior did for them. No one has told them the truth. No one has told them they are lost. What are we to do about it? Did God…

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