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English Practicum

Posted by Crystal Pierce on Friday, December 19th, 2014

Don & Jean, Gerry & Linda, Kathleen, Me, Anita & Edwin

We finished our English Practicum on December 4th! Our students worked for three weeks using a language learning technique that they will use when they are learning a tribal language.  Two couples from Arizona come down: Don & Jean, and Gerry & Linda for three weeks. Thanksgiving dinner was with over 30 people and included a history of why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  We even had an American church service and everything that goes with it: name tags, bulletins, hymns & praise choruses, announcements, and punctuality!  The students thought that it was very interesting how “fast” the church service was (1 hour exact) because here in Mexico the church service normally lasts between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours (not including Sunday school)!

We were very blessed to have Gerry show the boys how to repair water heaters, washing machines, stoves, and other home repairs.  Linda & Jean showed the girls different crafts and how to make bread, cinnamon rolls, cakes, etc.  While Don just enjoyed visiting with everyone!  We miss them dearly as adopted grandparents.  The students really enjoyed the the two couples and they learned a lot of English including the language learning method.

Kathleen & I were the two consultants during the practicum.  She is the leader for the Spanish department here for the new missionaries that come down.  Kathleen partnered with me during the practicum and made it out to the Ranch quite a few times to help me out with the encouraging, leading the students, and she was also able to sit in on the students language sessions.  I was so thankful to have her help because it was my first time doing something like this.  Based on her feedback I have several areas where I can improve and tweak to improve the language practicum for the students next year.  She was a wonderful source of encouragement for me during the whole time.

I am not sure I have enough time or the right words to describe just how much work went into the language practicum.  I was not only the consultant & leader, but also a taxi driver, tour guide, translator, hostess, teacher, counselor, business manager, and more!  Philippians 4:13 that says “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”, and I saw a tangible manifestation of how God supplied strength for me each day as I didn’t have the strength in me to handle all the interruptions, visits, as well as all the unexpected things that had to be dealt with!

This was totally not planned.  The first week that Jean was here we had to take her to the emergency room at the hospital!  She had previously had an infection in one of her toes that the antibiotics didn’t clear up before she came down to Mexico.  But while she was here it got worse.  Thankfully Hector (Amy’s husband) was able to help with translating, errands, and transportation with the unexpected medical emergency while I stayed at the Ranch to help the students in the mornings and in the afternoons I would go visit Jean in the hospital.  She was in the hospital for five days and unfortunately they did have to amputate her toe but she had peace from God to have the surgery done down here!


The group for Thanksgiving Dinner!



Merry Christmas from the Ranch!

My parents came to visit!!!

Posted by Crystal Pierce on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

This month my parents came down to Chihuahua for ten days.  While it wasn’t their first trip to Mexico, it was their first time to Chihuahua & they got their passports stamped!  They really enjoyed their time here meeting my friends, seeing my church, and the ministry that I’m a part of.  We had a great trip to the mountains to see the Copper Canyon.  We also enjoyed the history of Chihuahua according to Hector & doing tourist things in downtown.  My parents also really appreciated my Mexican and missionary friends that are here to take care of me.  We spent time visiting with my coworkers, with Hector & Amy, with the students, and also visiting a longtime friend and his wife: Glenn & Teo.  They loved all the food!  The only thing my dad didn’t really like was at some of the restaurants they put cinnamon in the coffee.

I also got to enjoy a few days with my Great Uncle & Aunt, and my mom’s cousin in New Mexico.  It was a nice relaxing time for me.









Selfie at the Copper Canyon










The Copper Canyon










Touristing Downtown Chihuahua












Visiting Glenn in his new office

Trip to the Mountains

Posted by Crystal Pierce on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

In September we took the students on a four day trip to the mountains.  We visited two of our former students that are beginning to learn Tarahumara language and culture study.  We also visited some Tarahumara communities and different missions out there.  One of our goals during this trip was to see which area would be open to allowing us to do our 5 week language practicum in the Springtime there.  We got some areas checked out and now we are praying for where God would lead us.
I really enjoyed the time getting to know the students better and interact with them.  We all really enjoyed the time in nature, getting to meet new people, and enjoying life outside of the city!
sierra trip










With Jona, Erendira, & Vicente









Visiting our former students Luis & Hugo










First selfie of the trip. With Edwin & Anita, Bilma, Erendira & Vicente










Last selfie of the trip :)

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Posted by Crystal Pierce on Friday, October 24th, 2014

Each year our Missionary Kid School has a Spiritual Emphasis Week, the junior high & high school students get to go to a special camp, and the kindergardners through sixth grade stay in the city at the school to have three days of fun.  The teachers asked me to share with the kids this year for three days.  I of course had a blast!  I shared from the first three chapters of Daniel.  We talked about how God uses ordinary people, God answers prayers, and even if He doesn’t answer our prayers, He is still the one true God.  I loved the opportunity to share with these kids.  Normally I don’t really hang out with the kids because my ministry is here at the Ranch, so it was a wonderful time to get to know the kids better and have a connection to them.  All of them have also adopted me as their aunt!

Here is a photo of myself with the five elementary school teachers & the kids.


Guest House Stint

Posted by Crystal Pierce on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014












Taking care of the Guest House for one month was really good for me.  I got to see how another ministry is vital to our missionaries here, both tribal and support.  At first it didn’t seem that different from what I do here at the Ranch.

  • I mean there is picking people up from the airport, and driving them to pick up their car from the mechanic.
  • There is buying supplies for the guest house or picking up some sunblock for some missionaries coming out of the tribe so their teenage daughter can go on a retreat with other missionary kids but they won’t make it to El Paso before the retreat (sunblock in Mexico costs over $20 for the cheap stuff).
  • Also returning items to a store for missionaries because the store mailed their order to the wrong address.
  • Meeting the pilot at the airport to send some mail in and packages for the missionaries in the tribe.
  • Receiving packages & organizing/sorting through mail.
  • Depositing money for a missionary that won’t be leaving Mexico for a few months.
  • Going to the post office to mail packages & important papers for tribal missionaries.
  • Also just being someone that listens to their problems and frustrations without judging them.
  • Washing sheets & cleaning rooms.

That was pretty normal and similar to what I do at the Ranch.  But the organizing of rooms with large families, and only certain rooms available for certain dates, that part was crazy.  You have to organize who stays in what rooms, but be prepared because the missionaries may not leave when they had planned because of various reasons or extra missionaries show up without a reservation or arrive too early.  To read a blog post that the Meissners wrote about my communication back and forth with them, please click here.

I really enjoyed my time at the Guest House and I’m super thankful for the Meissners that take care of it.  I loved being able to go to a church, fellowship with different believers, and hear some sermons in English, but after a few weeks I was ready to be back in my Mexican church.  I was able to see some of my mama’s cousins that live in New Mexico while I was there.  I enjoyed numerous days of rain too!  All in all it was a good month, and I’m thankful to be home at the Ranch.