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Wow!  I can hardly believe that I’ve spent 5 weeks down here!!!  It has been awesome.  My first week was spent helping get things ready for the Bible School Graduation.  Six students graduated from the Bible School & all 6 of them, plus two graduates from last year, are heading to the Training Center in Chihuahua!  That is so awesome.

Our next few weeks were spent visiting Joca’s family, visiting a family in the hospital, attending church & prayer meeting, helping out with the Kids’ Club on Saturdays, and also getting ready for the Summer Outreach Program.  I also spent a weekend sick in bed with food poisoning.  Not a cool weekend.  But I did go to the doctor to get some antibiotics for my body – it was only $2.50 for a doctor’s visit!  I thought that was pretty incredible.  I’m also able to go with Jocabed to the classes that she teaches.  She teaches keyboard & Bible to one of the young girls in the church.  And then a 2 hour Bible class three times  a week to a family.  It has been an encouraging time to spend with Jocabed & these people that we are working with.  And it has been great for my Spanish too.   I’m just lacking some good Spanish classes, but I’ll get that when I get back to Chihuahua.

I just finished my third week of teaching English.  I have had almost 20 students, even though they all can’t come every day consistently.  But it has been an encouraging time for the amount of Spanish I’ve learned.  After the hour of English, or the other classes offered – drums, keyboard, singing, carpentry, & crafts, it is required that they attend one hour of the Bible.  And there are about 7 people teaching the different age levels through the Firm Foundations Bible Study.  It is has been amazing to see the people responding so well to the classes & the Bible classes.

I only have three more weeks left here.  I can’t hardly believe that my time has gone by so quickly.  Some days I’m ready to be back home (in Chihuahua), and then when I spend time with my friends here, I don’t want to leave!   And it’ll be so hard to leave Joca’s family & the Bible School.  But if God is wanting me to return to this place, God will allow me to return in His timing.

I’m heading back to Chihuahua July 24th, and that week we will have a get together for all the NTM missionaries in Mexico.  I’m looking forward to this time with my friends for refreshment & encouragement!  Then I will get back into my Spanish studies!

Working on my cooking skills for the family!                                Saturday Mornings are time for Kids Club!

Helping out with the Kids Club.                                                 A Chihuahua that was hanging out @ Kids Club

Thank you for all your prayers & constant support as I’m here in the state of Mexico!
Serving in Mexico,
Crystal G. Pierce

P.S.  I’m living in the State of Mexico – not Mexico City!  We are north of the city by about 2 hours!