So what do we fill our days with?!?

Doing Partnership Development since May has definitely been a full time job for us both. Not to mention have a …

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Keeping busy…

These days are being filled with checklists and errand running. In addition to that we are starting a few …

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Do you want to live?!?

Consider this…a man is lost out in the middle of the ocean. His boat has been overturned by a …

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Craig Gilley When I was five years old my parents explained to me who Jesus Christ was.  Through our conversation I learned what a sinner was and that it included me.  I understood that because I had sinned against God I would be eternally separated from Him.  Christ’s death on the cross was the only way to restore that relationship.  That morning I placed my trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross.  Since that day God has cleared up those details in my mind.  He took a hopeless sinner who was destined for Hell and graciously restored in me a hope filled life.  God has shown me that we can strive and search all we want to find a way to Him, but the only way is through Christ.  Christ is the only answer to get back to God, when we believe in him and his finished work on the cross. Kayla Gilley As a young child you are always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Well, for as long as I can remember I always said, “a missionary mom”.  I very clearly remember that every time I had to dress up for something…

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