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Worst Post I’ve Ever Had to Write (sensitive readers cautioned)

Posted by Chris and Sarah Cooke on Sep 23rd, 2013 in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

If you are looking for a cheerful pick-me-up blog post, this is NOT it.  If you can’t handle a sad story at the moment, this is my warning for you to close out this screen right now.  I’m writing this as a sort of therapy since the people I would normally cry with are thousands of miles away and tucked in their beds right now.

This past week, a woman in a local village gave birth to a baby girl that she did not want.  After she attempted to drown the new born in the river and then left her for dead, a family member had compassion for this little one and brought her to the gates of our mission. The clinic was called and told that a child had drown; the men at the gate were unsure if she was dead or alive. Chris ( and the other medical staff members, I’m sure) were shocked to see an obviously newly born baby enter the clinic.  He described her as a perfect looking, healthy, full term baby girl, except that she was a grayish color. When she arrived, she had an extremely low heart rate and they immediately began the necessary procedures and codes to try and revive her barely beating heart. After an hour and a half of doing all that was medically possible in this country, they took her to the Haus Sik in town.  She died shortly after arriving.

So much more on my heart and mind that I wish I was at liberty to share with you all!  But to be clear, from what I have seen and heard here in PNG, these people place much value on their children and this is NOT a typical story.  Yes, the infant mortality rate here is staggering, but for the most part, the people do what they can with the limited resources and knowledge available to them.

I shared this for many reasons but these were the most important: 1. If I tell her story on even this pathetic little blog, then possibly her life could make a difference somehow in someone’s life, someday, somewhere.  She was precious, real, and fighting to stay alive.  2. God has allowed us to see much concerning the needs of mother’s and newborns in the short time we’ve been here. He’s burdened my heart for these little ones so deeply that I know He is preparing me for something. Jesus came to the lost and to the sick, meeting them where they were, and compassionately ministering to them in tangible, physical ways so that He could show them their spiritual need of Himself. Is there a better example? Those who personally know me, know that I could never be content to just sit back and watch, shaking my head, saying “that’s just the way things are.”  Please pray that God gives me clear direction as to how to have a personal, tangible way to make a difference in the lives around me, showing them His unchanging, unfailing love.

Thanks for “listening”,


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One Response to “Worst Post I’ve Ever Had to Write (sensitive readers cautioned)”

  1. Tom & Renee Treece says:

    Heartbreaking story, and yet…God is using it to speak to you in a new way. Those of us committed to praying for you will do just that, and trust God to reveal Himself to you in a new and powerful way. Please thank Chris and the other techs for their efforts on behalf of this little one who is now playing peacefully with Jesus….Love you all….Tom & Renee

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