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Hi and best wishes for the new year! I hope that you have enjoyed this time of celebrating the coming of our Saviour and that you are ready to see God at work in 2012!

Yes, I did arrive safely in Senegal. I arrived 41 hours later than planned due to cancelled flights, but I made it! This time I had a really hard time recovering from the trip and the jet lag, so it wasn’t until December 20th that I arrived in the village.

When I got there, I was happy to see that most of my things were still in working order. The less pleasant surprises were that all the filtered water I had left behind had disappeared and so I had nothing to drink, and the other surprise was that large quantities of earwigs had moved into my house – in my bed, my desk drawers, etc. It was a big job to clean everything out and settle back in, but it’s now done. This week I also had the help of another missionary and so now everything is in order.

I must say that I found it a bit difficult to readjust to life here. My language was very rusty and it’s difficult to renew acquaintances without the language. I was reminded once again how difficult it is to be in a village where I don’t understand the majority language. Despite all this, things are falling back into place and I am hopeful that they will move ahead well.

As I had mentioned previously, soon we will be having an important meeting regarding the future of the church-planting effort among the Konyagi. A couple leaders from the mission will be there as well as others who are interested in being part of the Konyagi missionary team. It seems that God is finally sending me co-workers – hallelujah! J We will have much to discuss during these days of meetings on January 15th and 16th,, and many important decisions to make that will greatly affect the work among the Konyagi. I ask that you join me in praying that God will clearly guide us. Personally, I plan on having a time of prayer and fasting on Friday, January 13th. Despite the distance, I would be thrilled if you would join me in this. I know that it may not be possible for everyone, but please consider spending a few minutes in prayer for God’s work among the Konyagi.

I thank you for your partnership and for your prayers!

Prayer & Praise

Ministry among the Konyagi

Pray for Bonéré as he prepares Bible lessons in the Konyagi language. Pray that these lessons will be well done and be a great help in sharing the Good News with the Konyagi. Pray that God would continue to clearly direct us at each step of the ministry among the Konyagi and pray especially for the meetings on January 15th and 16th.

Culture and language study

Pray that the language may quickly come back to me. Pray that I may have the motivation, the perseverance and the ability to learn this language and culture well.

Konyagi missionary team

Praise that God is providing coworkers to be part of the team – we’ve been praying for that for so long! I look forward to presenting them to you officially in my next update! Pray that God will clearly guide them so that we have the team that He desires.

Konyagi Bible translation

Praise for Sue Jenkins from SIL and Papa who are working on the Konyagi Bible translation. Communicating God’s Word clearly and accurately in another language and culture is an extremely important and difficult job so please pray for them. Sue has been struggling with sickness these past weeks so your prayers would be valued all the more!

Konyagi people

Praise for the work that God is doing among these people – let’s keep praying! Pray that God will go before us to prepare the way and will continue to prepare the hearts of the Konyagi people to hear the message of salvation and that it will transform their lives.

Well project

Praise that World Vision may be willing to help with this well project! It would be a great help to me! Pray for the arrangements and decisions that must be made, and that soon the water problem in the village will be resolved.


Pray for wisdom to deal with the various situations that come up and the decisions to be made.

Spiritual well-being

Pray that my top priority each day would be to know God better and that I would become the woman God wants me to be.

Physical well-being

Praise that I am healthy. Pray for health and strength to do all that needs to be done.

Mental well-being

Pray that I may stay encouraged despite the challenges.


Praise for God’s protection in all these travels! Pray that God would continue to protect me.


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