A Glimmer of Hope

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Thank you for your continued prayers for Shilo.  Last Thursday she started to feel pain and have loss of vision in her left eye.  The problem worsened even after seeing an eye doctor in our little town several times.  By Tuesday, she was totally blind in her left eye.  We came down to the capital city on Monday and God worked it out for us to see a top notch eye doctor at one of the premier eye clinics in the country.  He diagnosed her with optic neuritis, or inflammation of the optic nerve.  Today, after two IV treatments she was able to see shadows pass in front of a light.  This is just a small sign of progress, but at least is an indication that the medicine is starting to bring the swelling down in her optic nerve.  We still don’t have any guarantee that her eyesight will return, but it is the first time we have seen her symptoms get better instead of worse since this whole ordeal started just last Thursday.  So we are encouraged by that, as well as by all of you praying.  Please continue to pray that God will bring complete healing.  Our first course of action is to bring the swelling down, which will hopefully bring the eyesight back.  Shilo’s eye will be re-evaluated by the retina specialist and our general doctor on Friday afternoon, and then we will make a decision about what to do from there.  We are praying for a miracle, if it be God’s will, that by Friday her eyesight will show significant improvement.  If things have not improved significantly by then, then we are praying about the option of possibly returning to the USA for continued treatment from an eye clinic there.  But for now we are confident in the medical care and course of treatment we are receiving, knowing that it is the standard course of treatment for swelling of the optic nerve, regardless of location.

Shilo was released from the hospital today, and will be allowed to return twice a day for continued IV treatments.  But at least in the meantime we can be together as a family at the mission guest home, which is a nicer environment than being cooped up in a hospital room.  She will continue the treatments until Friday, at which point she will be re-evaluated.  Ultimately we know this is all in the hands of God, and so we rest in His will for our lives.  We appreciate your continued prayers.

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Brad for Shilo and the boys

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