Traveling and more traveling!

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Most of you know how crazy we are and that we are ALWAYS traveling!  But it has just become a part of life for the Sanders!  We recently made a trip to Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.  We got to see a lot of friends and catch up with many supporters who have been giving and praying!  We are so thankful for all of the relationships we have up North!  It was so encouraging, and we picked up a couple of new people to join our team!

This coming Friday, we will be making a trip to Oklahoma and Texas!  We will be celebrating my dad’s birthday and trying to set up more meetings!  We are only 25% away from being fully supported!  I cannot believe it…but I should believe it!  We always say, “God’s will, God’s bill”, and he has been providing for sure!

Please pray:
-for us to be fully supported by December!
-for our kids to transition to traveling mode again
-for our marriage
-and for safety of course!

If you would like to meet with us while in Oklahoma, please…call/text/email us!  Our schedule is very open!  If you know of anyone who might be interested, let us know!  Thanks for being excited with us!!