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Lolly a few years ago

We were reminiscing the other day about the contrast of the places we have lived. The last seven months we have been in Wichita, KS. A half block from us there is a Lowe’s Home Improvement store and just down from there is a Target. Walmarts and grocery stores abound..

During the five years we lived among the Yanomami tribe – everything we purchased was brought in by small plane. The closest store may have been some 300 miles over mountains, rivers and through dense jungle. As you may imagine, we didn’t run to the store when we were needing cool whip or chocolate chips.

The Lord has helped us adjust and be content in every place we have lived and we thank Him for the many opportunities to serve Him.


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Goodbyes at airport

Troy and his family just moved to Brazil last week. He works for Cessna and they are sending him down as a Regional Engineer for their business jets.

They live about an hour and a half north of the city of Sao Paulo.

We’d appreciate your prayers for them!

Our Special Friend Beth

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Beth and her parents

We first met them at their church in northern Indiana about 25 years ago. Beth was 11 years old at the time and her parents brought her to church on a furniture dolly as she was in a body cast. She was born with a number of physical problems and at 36 years of age has had twenty six surgeries.

Beth and her parents became our close friends from that first visit. They cannot do enough for us. They pray for us and support us financially.

Beth has worked at Pizza Hut for 16 years and also a long time at Burger King. She supports us along with her folks and is a tremendous prayer warrier.

Summer Memories

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Kitchen Duty

Alumni from this school contacted us last year about the possibility of having their reunion here on our campus. The details slowly came into place and on July 19-22 the campus was crawling with VIA alumni. Our kids both attended this school for part of their education and they were here as well.

Lolly, in a weak moment, offered to be in charge of the meals. Fortunately, we were able to use the large dining hall on campus, and there were a number of people who helped. I believe on Saturday night we had 60-65 MKs digging into our Brazilian barbecue.

The weather was beautiful, not nearly as hot and humid as normal for mid July. There was a lot of time for visiting and catching up and we enjoyed the time very much. At the end there was already talk of “next reunion”. We’ll see…

In the last few months, …

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In April we went to the MK Caregivers Consultation in Kansas City. This is an annual event bringing together around 40 people who work in MK Care in many different organizations. It is great to learn from each other.

Campus Crusade Headquarters in Orlando hosted the second Child Safety Seminar on May 9-10. It was facilitated by NTM and Wycliffe. There were over 50 participants representing 22 organizations. We are interested in learning all we can regarding the safety of our MKs and how to best help those who have been wounded growing up overseas.

I’m sure you would have been excited with us as we celebrated the graduation of 66 missionary candidates on May 20th.

The last event we enjoyed was “Refresher Course”. This is an annual conference for missionaries on furlough and also some of our home staff. It is an enjoyable time of fellowship, worship and relaxation. We don’t get much relaxation as this is one of our busiest weeks of the year. We get together with many people who are just coming off the field and may be tired and stressed out. It is our privilege to sit down and hear their stories and try to be an encouragement by helping them focus on the Lord.

Forty years of partnership……

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We recently visited some elderly friends who are in an assisted living facility. John is in his early nineties and his wife, Louise, is in her late eighties.

When I finished high school in Brazil, I stayed there for a couple of years taking missionaries and supplies hundreds of miles up the Amazon and its tributaries. I believe the fastest we ever made one of those trips was about one month! Was it the long distance or our slow boat…?

During that time, this couple was supporting my parents financially and decided to start helping me, also, as I was working with the missionaries. They continued their support while I attended Bible School and Missionary Training and returned to the field.

Last year they wrote and told us that they would have to discontinue their support. For forty years this couple faithfully supported us and as far as I can remember, they never missed one month. What a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us!

Anonymous “angel”

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View from condo balcony

In January, an anonymous "angel" gave us and six other couples on the Missionary Training Center Board, a two day stay at a beautiful resort south of Branson.


The timing was perfect. It was very relaxing and we even enjoyed 60 degree weather in January. Thank you so much anonymous!

Troy returned to work …

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One month after surgeryTroy returned to work half days last week. He is doing much better. The healing process is still taking place and we are praying for a full recovery soon. Last week his neurologist said he was doing well. Once again we thank you so much for your prayers.


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One week after surgery

May God’s richest blessings be yours this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

It has been two and a half weeks since Troy’s surgery. He has starting talking more and his memory is improving. He still is a bit hesitant in his speech. Yesterday, he went with some friends from church and played a little indoor soccer. Two of the players were interns from the hospital where Troy had his surgery, so he felt “safe”. We’re praying for a complete recovery. Thank you for your prayers!

Not over yet…

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Thank you for your prayers for Troy. Tomorrow will be two weeks since his surgery.

He can hardly communicate these days. Physically, he is doing pretty well. The doctors told us it would get worse before it gets better. It definitely is worse but we are praying for a full recovery.

We’d appreciate your prayers for encouragement and strength for Troy and his family.

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