Lolly is the one without makeup…

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Troy and his family just moved to Brazil last week.

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Our Friend Beth

A couple of months ago we had a visit from Dan and Janet Geyer and their daughter, Beth.

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Over the years, our hearts became more and more burdened for missionary families who were struggling. We prayed about a change of ministry that would allow us the privilege of spending time with people and encouraging them. We left Brazil the Summer of 1999 and served at NTM’s Missionary Training Center on a beautiful cove of the Lake of the Ozarks for over nine years. In November of 2008 we moved to Wichita, KS and are continuing our ministry from here. Our ministry of care covers two main areas: · MK Care – A resource and contact for adult MKs. · Part of the Care Team to contact and encourage missionaries on furlough… The Lord has given us a desire to encourage people who are hurting. We have seen excellent missionaries, who know the language and are teaching God’s Word, leave the field because of problems in their families, with co-workers, health, etc. We know we can’t help them in our own strength, but as I once heard a pastor say, “Our goal is to put a finger under people’s chins and lift their eyes towards God.”

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