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Tribal Church Planters in Papua New Guinea

Tok Save

Posted by Aaron and Stacy Jex in Uncategorized on Nov 2nd, 2011 | Discuss This Post

We live in a new era now.  The people we are trying to reach can now reach us.  They have cell phones and internet access in the jungle.  They can walk through their gardens out in the jungle and read what we are intending for you.

The right message to the wrong audience may not have the intended effect.  We have already had an incident here where something that we thought was harmless (not something we personally wrote), was not received well.

In order to not cause any further issues, we’ve decided to go dark.  If you would like updates on our ministry, please find us on Google+ and Facebook.

(“tok save” in Melanesian Pidgin English means “message” or “notice”)

– Aaron and Stacy Jex




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