Enjoying Oregon

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We feel so blessed to have this time in Oregon.  God has given us WONDERFUL re-connect time with friends and family in the Northwest.  We really needed this.

On our way up, we enjoyed time with Aaron’s family in Arizona.  Then we arrived in Oregon at the end of June.  We have gone canoeing, celebrated Landon’s birthday, gone rafting, visited my sisters in the Portland and Seattle areas, watched our baby start turning into a toddler, done some fixing around our property here, visited a supporting church in Central Point (and friends there), enjoyed sprinklers with safe water :), gotten involved in lots of projects, and (of course) spent lots and lots of time with friends.  We have NOT, however, sold the truck.  Keep praying about that one!

The best thing that has happened during our time here has been the spiritual refreshment that God has allowed us to experience.  We are so grateful for godly people that God put in our lives to challenge, stretch and refresh us.  We came here exhausted, but we will leave here excited.  That’s a nice change.

While we are looking forward to beginning our ministry in Durango, we are sure soaking up these last few weeks here in BEAUTIFUL Oregon.


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