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We absolutely love helping out at the orphanage twice a week.  What a privilege it has been to serve the awesome kids that live there (there are 118).

I teach literacy at the orphanage.  I have students that are ten or eleven years old and still needed to start at the beginning with letter sounds.  They are doing great with one-on-one instruction.  Somewhere around thirty kids have asked me for reading lessons and there is no way I can get to them all.  Furthermore, I will not be able to finish ALL the lessons with any of the kids before we move.  Please pray that God will send people to pick up where I leave off.

literacy lessons

Aaron has been working hard to finish building a much-needed medical clinic at the orphanage.  Doctors and dentists will be able to volunteer their time serving the children of all the area orphanages for FREE at this clinic.  This will be a big blessing to these precious kids.  What was a huge, mostly unused storage room when Aaron got started is now turning into an awesome clinic.  What a cool way to love kids in Jesus’ name!

May 25 028

May 25 029

May 25 030

May 25 031

May 25 032

We are so blessed to have this privilege.  Thank you all so much for letting us be your hands and feet here in Mexico.




  1. Aaron and Kimberly Knapp  August 19, 2010

    Sorry I don’t have updated pictures of the clinic on here yet. It really looked good when we left, since all the sheetrock was up, etc. I’ll have to find those pics.

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